Review: Pack Alpha – Crissy Smith

Review: Pack Alpha – Crissy SmithPack Alpha
Author: Crissy Smith
Series: Were Chronicles #1
Published by Totally Bound Publishing
Published on: July 26th 2016
Pages: 147
Genres: Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance
Source: NetGalley
Hero: Marissa Boyd
Heroine: Gage Wolf


Marissa Boyd finds herself drawn into a world she can never be a part of, complete with an Alpha wolf who takes whatever he wants. And he wants her.
As a non-shifter, Marissa Boyd knows she doesn’t belong in Pack territory. She braves a visit to attend her sister’s mating ceremony and meets the shifter who will change her entire life and beliefs.
Gage Wolf knows Marissa is hiding a pained past. As Alpha, he’s used to protecting his pack. Marissa challenges his authority like no one he’s ever met before. His desire to claim her is strong and his wolf won’t be denied. He’ll have her as his mate even if he has to fight to teach her the meaning of belonging to an Alpha. She’s worth every fight—even if it is Marissa’s feelings of not being good enough for him that he must battle.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of spanking, violence and blood play.
Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been released by Totally Bound Publishing. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release. This book is part of a series and best read in sequence.







Safety Level: Not safe.
Cliffhanger: No
Ending: HEAThis is my first book from this author. I gambled on this one because there’s not that many paranormal romance authors that I truly love, and I believe it’s time for me to venture out and find more PNR authors to watch out for. This book was originally released in 2009, but the publisher re-released it July 2016, with some changes in the book. I was really glad that I got the chance to read and review this because it ended up as a solid book that I certainly enjoyed.

Plot-wise, the story was solid. The heroine was a shifter who couldn’t shift and has been on her own, without a pack, for a decade because she was banished by her own when she had relations with the Alpha’s pack. She was a woman who could never be happy with a pure human, but she also knew that non-shifters were not welcome in the pack (or so she was made to believe). When she gets a letter from her sister, asking her to visit because her sister was going to have a mating ceremony, the heroine was still hesitant because being in a pack meant that it opened the possibility of going through the same hurts again. The hero is the Alpha of her sister’s new pack. And this Alpha is all about claiming her. The conflicts that came were surprisingly not from the pack but from some people from the heroine’s past.

Romance-wise, I like that their lines weren’t cheesy. Yes, it was very obvious that the hero was crazy and obsessive, but he didn’t say cliched lines that made me cringe. They were still normal dialogue between two people who are in love. It’s an insta-love kind of story, but when you’re dealing with shifters who are very in tuned with their animal side, insta-eveything can be expected. The sex scenes were hot and often, but they didn’t deter from the main story. If anything, those scenes further intensified the connection between the main characters.

I’m not sure how many installments have already been re-released since last year. What I do know, though, is that I will definitely check out the rest of the books of this series. I find that I really like this book, and I want to know if Crissy Smith is able to maintain that kind writing prowess in the succeeding books.







I live in Texas with my husband, daughter, and three Labrador retrievers. By day you can find me at my ‘day job’ buried under a pile of paperwork but at night I am at my computer creating new worlds!

I have always loved the paranormal. Shape-shifters, witches, and vampires have been my number one choice of reading material so when I strated to write it was the genre I chose.

I currently have several books released through Totally Bound. I have one long running series the Were Chronicles and in March 2014 a spin-off series the Shifter Chronicles will be revealed.

I also have several stand alone novellas and novels.

I am working hard to bring more stories to the readers so they can sit back and relax while losing themselves in the paranormal romance world.







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