Review: Brand – Sierra Cartwright

Review: Brand – Sierra CartwrightBrand
Author: Sierra Cartwright
Series: The Donovan Dynasty #2
Published by Totally Bound Publishing
Published on: September 22nd 2015
Pages: 319
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Erotica
Hero: Cade Donovan
Heroine: Sofia McBride


He wants her subject to his will. She’s scared she may never want to get away.
The first time Sofia McBride meets the strong and determined Cade Donovan, he warns her to keep her distance. She tells herself to heed his words, but she’s stunned to realize her depth of attraction to this intimidating man.
She knows she should stay away from him, but try as she might, she’s unable to resist him or his sexy, erotic demands. The deeper she becomes ensnared, the more she realizes she may never want to escape.
All his life, enigmatic rancher Cade Donovan has chosen women who don’t expect too much from him. But when a storm strands him with Sofia, his lovely, won’t-take-no-for-an-answer event planner, all his dominant and protective instincts flare.
Cade wants everything she has to offer, but he soon discovers Sofia’s beauty hides a determination he hasn’t counted on. Her untamed responses send him on a journey that will banish his demons and change them both forever.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal play.







Safety Level: Safe
Cliffhanger: No
Ending: HEA
I loved Bind. It’s because of that book that I was excited to proceed with the rest of the series. However, I have to say that I had a hard time finishing Brand. I liked this book, it just wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. First, it took me long to connect with the main characters. Sofia seemed pretty interesting, but there was something about her that I just couldn’t relate to. However, it was hardest to connect with Cade. I get the guilty, troubled cowboy hero theme that was going on with him. I just couldn’t see him as an amazing dom.

I loved Connor. I could clearly see him as this controlling man who dominated both in and out of bed. Cade, though, well, it’s a lot of work to reconcile his dominance. I like him as a hero, though, so all is not lost. I like that Nathan was the one who let him realize that their father wasn’t a perfect man, and that things were meant to happen the way they did. I can’t wait for the next book. I am hoping to love it more than I did this one.







Born in Manchester, England and raised in the US, Sierra Cartwright is the acclaimed author of more than thirty erotic romances.

She was previously published with Harlequin/Silhouette under a different pseudonym, and won numerous awards as well as a coveted spot on the USA Today bestseller list.

In 2013, she was delighted to be among the launch authors for the exciting Clandestine Classics imprint from Total Entwined Group (formerly Total-E-Bound). The project generated international interest, and her contribution, the expanded Jane Eyre, was featured in segments on such shows as Jimmy Kimmell and Anderson Cooper Live. Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and numerous other online sites also wrote features about the provocative new book.

Cartwright has been interviewed by USA Today, and she did a segment for the Orlando Fox affiliate with Chase Cain.

She’s a multiple CAPA nominated author who is delighted by the success of With This Collar, the first book in a six-book series “Mastered” from Total-E-Bound.

“With This Collar” and “Bind” have reached #1 on the Amazon UK Kindle Erotica chart, and “With This Collar” also hit #3 in the US Amazon Kindle bestseller list.

“Master Class: Initiation” hit the USA Today Best-Seller list in the Bound, Spanked and Loved Boxed Set.


Series Review: Karev Brothers – Leslie North

Series Review: Karev Brothers – Leslie NorthHer Ruthless Russian
Author: Leslie North
Series: Karev Brothers #1
Published on: December 27th 2016
Pages: 158
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Hero: Vlad Karev
Heroine: Madison O’Connor


Born into a Russian Mafia family, Vlad Karev is no stranger to violence…but this time it’s personal. Someone has murdered his father and Vlad can’t rest until he finds the killer. When the trail leads to an art gallery, Vlad wants to dig deeper, but he needs help from the owner’s daughter. The pretty redhead is far too innocent for a man like Vlad, but he’ll do what it takes to get the information he needs. His obligations are to the family, even if that means using the fiery woman.
Madison O’Connor works hard to keep her family’s gallery going, although secretly she has little interest in art. But when she discovers her father’s been laundering money for the Russian Mafia, she’ll do everything she can to keep him out of jail. She hates to lie, but she has a plan…seduce the Russian bad boy to learn the mob’s secrets. Never mind his dangerous exterior or icy blue eyes, Madison’s going to get her family free of the mob, even if she has to use Vlad Karev to do it.

As the killer gets closer, so do Vlad and Madison. But is their connection just the means to an end, or could their romance be real?







Safety Level: Safe
Cliffhanger: Ends on a semi-cliffy
Ending: HFN

I’ve read many books from Ms. North. Most of those have been about handsome sheikhs finding true love with women who are seemingly incomparable from their usual type. I took a chance on this series because I like Russian mafia stories, and I wanted to see how the whole series would be played out. I didn’t expect that the bigger series arc was going to remain unsolved until the very last book.

On the romance-side, I think that the insta-love factor in this book wasn’t detrimental at all. I like that both characters started out with a lack of trust for the other. It made them aware of what the other person was capable of. Because of that, I believe that, in the long run, this pairing would work because they both seem to really know each other better than I would have expected.

I will be moving on to the second book right after this review because I want to know what contributions Maxim would give to the investigation.







Series Review: Karev Brothers – Leslie NorthHer Rogue Russian 
Author: Leslie North 
Series: Karev Brothers #2 
Published on: January 11th 2017 
Pages: 102 
Genres: Contemporary Romance 			
Hero: Maxim Karev 
Heroine: Savannah Casillero 


Former Russian mobster Maxim Karev is a man with something to prove. His father’s been murdered and even his own brother thinks he’s guilty. To clear his name, Maxim has to return to the organization he left behind. He likes to work alone, but this time an FBI agent leaves him little choice—either she goes in undercover with him, or Maxim can rot in jail. One thing’s for sure—he’s not going down for a crime he didn’t commit. If playing with the beautiful agent is what it takes to prove his innocence, Maxim is prepared to go the distance.
FBI agent Savannah Casillero never backs down. She already lost her partner on this case, and now she’s more determined than ever to find Sergey Karev’s killer. With the Mafia’s former head of security under her thumb, she finally has a way inside—as Maxim’s girlfriend. Controlling the lone wolf may be a bit of challenge, but Savannah’s confident she can handle it. The six-and-a-half-foot Mafia man is certainly not her type, but she’ll do more than play along to make it believable.
They’re willing to work together to track down a killer, but when the ruse becomes a little too real, will Maxim and Savannah give in to temptation or hold fast to their original obligations?







Safety Level: Safe
Cliffhanger: Yes
Ending: HFN

I was very excited for this book because Maxim was painted out to be the black sheep. He’s one of Vlad’s suspects for their father’s death. He’s the one who left the “family” and made his own way by working at a motorcycle shop. Unfortunately, I have to honestly say that this book fell short of my expectations.

I was really thinking this was going to be a good redemption story. I was expecting that Maxim was going to uncover significant facts that will move them closer to finding the real killer and traitor. That goes without saying that the ending kinda disappointed me. The most that happened was that he was take into custody again, with the heroine making arrangements so all charges against him were dropped and he was made into an FBI “consultant”. Yeah, that sounds too impossible. I don’t understand how he’d get to be a consultant when he didn’t have any vital info. He was still an outsider in the bratva, and the heroine was actually the one who did more work than him.

The love story wasn’t that great either. There were so many places that this book could have gone, but I’m sad to say it stuck to a one-dimensional story line that just didn’t work for me.







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Series Review: Karev Brothers – Leslie NorthHer Relentless Russian 
Author: Leslie North 
Series: Karev Brothers #3 
Published on: January 24th 2017 
Pages: 103 
Genres: Contemporary Romance 
Hero: Dmitry Karev 
Heroine: Harper Allen 


Rare bookstore owner Dmitry Karev left the Russian Mafia behind when his wife died, but there’s too much at stake to keep his back turned any longer. His father is dead and his brothers may be next. Someone’s been leaving Dmitry clues about the killer, but he never expected his informant to be a bombshell like Harper Allen. Now the curvy computer expert is testing not only Dmitry’s methodical nature, but his self-restraint as well. But with his family’s lives in the balance, Harper may be the best chance Dmitry’s got to catch a killer.

When hacker Harper Allen’s parents used her college money to pay off the Mafia, it was Sergey Karev who financed her education. Now that he’s been murdered, she’s repaying him the only way she can…by helping his son solve the crime. To follow the trail any further, though, she’ll have to convince Dmitry to work with her. The buttoned-up Russian seems hesitant at first, but it doesn’t take long for Harper to discover what’s beneath Dmitry’s icy cool demeanor.

As Harper and Dmitry worm their way deeper into the Russian Mafia, their chemistry becomes undeniable. But with a killer at their heels, they’ll have to stay focused if they want to stay alive.







Safety Level: Safe
Cliffhanger: No
Ending: HEA

As disappointed as I was with the second installment, I still had to read and review this book because I got this free from NetGalley in exchange for this review. The least I can do is put up an honest review about this book and the series as a whole.

Honestly, I wanted to like this book. The hero, Dmitry, was a quiet man who would rather hang out at his book store and spend time with his books than lose himself in the bratva. In a way, I actually like his character, and it was consistent with how he appeared in the previous books. However, what I couldn’t get over with was the heroine. Seriously, I just don’t know how to connect to her character. She was this hacker, this burlesque trained seductress, and a whatever else she probably is. It was just not a credible enough character.

I would have thought that the ending of this series would have given readers more action and suspense. However, I couldn’t decide if it was a romance masquerading as a suspense book or vice versa. Yes, romantic suspense novels are actually great, but this book felt like it didn’t know if it wanted to give more weight to the suspense or the brewing romance between the main characters.







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Leslie North is the pen name for a critically-acclaimed author of women’s contemporary romance and fiction. The anonymity gives her the perfect opportunity to paint with her full artistic palette, especially in the romance and erotic fantasy genres.

The truth of the matter is she loves her fictional persona, Leslie North, more than her normal, day-to-day persona! Her bestselling books focus on strong characters and particularly women who aren’t afraid to challenge an alpha male. Inspired after years of travel, her stories are set all over the world, from the tough streets of Russia to the beautiful beaches of the middle east.

Leslie fell in love with romance when she first picked up a scrappy, dog-eared romance book from her local library. She began writing soon after and the rest, as they say, was history. She now lives in a cozy cottage on the British coast and enjoys taking long walks with her two Dalmatians, George and Fergie.

Review: Turbulent Desires – Melody Anne

Review: Turbulent Desires – Melody AnneTurbulent Desires
Author: Melody Anne
Series: Billionaire Aviators #2
Published by Montlake Romance
Published on: November 8th 2016
Pages: 271
Narrator: Teri Clark Linden
Length: 8 hours and 23 minutes
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Hero: Maverick Armstrong
Heroine: Lindsey Helm


ER nurse Lindsey Helm used to be strong. Then a late-night attack at the hospital nearly killed her and left two close colleagues dead. Now Lindsey has retreated from the world. She knows she needs to move on, but every hint of danger seems threatening—including a certain sexy flyboy who’s determined to show Lindsey what she’s missing. But falling for F-18 pilot Maverick Armstrong is a risk she can’t afford…
Maverick knows that fear can eat away at the soul, and he won’t leave Lindsey to that fate. She needs someone to reach her and to remind her of the exhilaration and unbelievable passion of being touched. He’ll help her heal, and then he’ll walk away. He has to walk away. Because Maverick swore he would never fall in love and never marry. But this is a rescue operation, and Maverick will stay the course—even if things get hazardous. Even if saving Lindsey means surrendering his heart in the process…







Safety Level: Safe. No mention of other men or other women
Cliffhanger: No on the romance. Yes on the general series arc.
Ending: HEA 

I really enjoyed the first book, so I was excited to read this book. The first part of the book was really compelling. I couldn’t stop reading at all because I wanted to know what happened to the heroine, how she dealt with the tragedy, and how it would eventually lead her to the hero. Like the first book, the main characters had a one-night stand over a year ago, but nothing came out of it. They went their separate ways. The hero did try to pursue her, but the tragedy already happened, so the heroine was in no place to be with anyone for a while.

I second half of the book dragged. It started out really great, but the pacing slowed down significantly. I understand that it was done to show the readers the things the hero did that helped the heroine’s complete recovery. However, I can’t help it if I felt like it moved glacier-like. Another thing that I didn’t enjoy with this book was that the conflict and the ending was anti-climactic. There wasn’t much evidence that supported the hero’s reluctance to commit. I mean, if he didn’t intend to the relationship somewhere else other than a few hot nights and amazing dates, then he really shouldn’t have started anything with the heroine at all.

I liked the heroine, but Maverick was a miss for me. I hope that the remaining two brothers will restore my faith in these Armstrong men.







Melody Anne is a NYT best selling author of the popular series: Billionaire Bachelors, Surrender, Baby for the Billionaire, Unexpected Hero’s, Billionaire Aviators, and some solo titles. I have a Young Adult Series; Rise of the Dark Angel.

As an aspiring author, I wrote for years, then published in 2011, finding my true calling, and a love of writing. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in business, I love to write about strong, powerful, businessmen and the corporate world.

When I’m not writing, I spend time with my family, friends, and many pets. A country girl at heart, I love the small town and strong community I live in and am involved in many community projects.

To date, I have over 7 million book sales and have earned a spot on multiple best seller lists, including NYT’s, USA Today, WSJ, being an amazon top 100 bestselling author for 3 years in a row, as well as a Kobo and iBooks best seller. But beyond that, I just love getting to do what makes me happy – live in a fantasy world, 95% of the time.

Review: 30 Days – Christine d’Abo

Review: 30 Days – Christine d’Abo30 Days
Author: Christine d’Abo
Series: 30 Days #1
Published by Kensington
Published on: July 28th 2015
Pages: 320
Narrator: Zoe McKay
Length: 9 hours and 15 minutes
Genres: Adult Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Hero: Alyssa Barrow
Heroine: Harrison Kemp


For years, Alyssa has been going to bed with a memory. Is she ready to wake up with a fantasy?   Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul mate, but not Alyssa Barrow. She met Rob at nineteen, and they were set to live happily ever after—until he became ill. In his final days, Rob urged his beautiful, young wife not to abandon happiness—or pleasure. He even left her a special gift, a sexy game plan to help her move on: Thirty cards with instructions for thirty days of passion. You’ll know when the time is right, he’d said. Now it’s two years later, and when Alyssa meets her hot new neighbor, Harrison Kemp, she begins to think the right time is right now…   From his sculpted thighs to his devilish grin, Harrison is the kind of man women want. Before she can lose her nerve, Alyssa tells Harrison about her long-ignored cards…and asks him to help her fulfill them. It’s a favor he’s more than happy to, um, perform. With his skillful touch, and the hot press of his lips against her skin, Alyssa finds herself re-awakening to life—and a host of other sensations. But what began as not-so-innocent fun soon grows into true intimacy, and Alyssa realizes she’s opening herself up not just to sex…but to love. When it comes to a future with Harrison, what’s really in the cards?   Saucy, heartwarming, and insightful, 30 Days explores the agony—and the ecstasy—of starting over, and how a little encouragement, and a little courage, can go a long way…





I think this book has a very good premise. I found it bittersweet and touching that the heroine’s dead husband himself was the one helping her to move on. I feel sad because it’s not easy losing the person you love. I feel hopeful too because nobody should live the rest of their lives without having someone to share it with.

30 Days is an amped up chick lit. When I say amped up, I am referring to the sex part. This is a woman’s journey from losing a husband to going through the sex cards he left her and finally finding a man she could have another shot at love with. Sadly, the core of the book was the thing I liked the least about it.

Everything was seen through the heroine’s POV. I would have liked to know more about the hero as well. I would have liked to get a bigger view of the love story. The fact that all I could read about was the heroine made me feel like I was forced to like her and see things her way.

Having said all that, I will still say that it was a good, solid read that I quite enjoyed. I’ve read other books from this author before, and I know she writes really steamy scenes, and she’s great at those. The same is true in this book. There’s supposed to be a second book, and based on this book alone, I’d say the next installment is very much worth reading too.





A romance novelist and short story writer, Christine has over thirty publications to her name. She loves to exercise and stops writing just long enough to keep her body in motion too. When she’s not pretending to be a ninja in her basement, she’s most likely spending time with her family and two dogs.

Review: .38 Caliber Cover-Up – Angi Morgan

Review: .38 Caliber Cover-Up – Angi Morgan.38 Caliber Cover-Up
Author: Angi Morgan
Published by Harlequin Intrigue
Published on: January 17th 2011
Pages: 219
Genres: Category Romance, Romantic Suspense
Hero: Erren Rhodes
Heroine: Darby O’Malley


Undercover DEA agent Erren Rhodes was used to working alone. So the very idea of teaming up with Officer Darby O’Malley to ferret out a killer wasn’t exactly how he thought this critical mission would go. But thanks to information only the beautiful cop possessed, finding whoever was responsible for shooting Erren’s friend made Darby a valuable–and irresistible–partner. Digging into the case, though, revealed a far-reaching conspiracy…and angered all the wrong people. Now, trying to bring a killer to justice while keeping Darby safe was making Erren remember why he was better off on his own. Especially when Darby made him long to hole up with her in the safe house and never let her out of his sight.





Safety Level: Safe 

Cliffhanger: No 

Ending: HEA 


Harlequin Intrigue is probably my least favorite line out of all Harlequin’s imprints.

There are, however, some books from Intrigue that I like. This one, unfortunately, is not one of those. I like it, but I think this only rates three red hearts from me.

Sure, the plot is interesting, fast-paced, and action-filled. It just wasn’t what I fancy. You see, I usually like books with internal conflicts rather than those where the main antagonists were real people who interacted with the protagonists.

There’s nothing wrong with how the book was written. I actually commend Angi Morgan for not writing a cheesy romance novel disguised as a cop drama. In fact, the balance between romance and action was great. It’s just sad, though, that these books aren’t really my type.





ANGI MORGAN writes Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. Her work is a multiple contest finalist and Publisher’s Weekly best seller. She drags her dogs –and husband– around Texas for research road trips so she can write off her camera. They now have a map with highlighted roads they’ve traveled. Every detour somehow makes it into a book.

Hill Country Holdup went on sale the very night it won the Golden Heart award. HCH was a 2010 Romantic Times First Series Book, a Bookseller’s Best First Book & Best Short Contemporary nominee. Her second Intrigue, .38 Caliber Cover-Up, is a Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence & Daphne du Maurier finalist. The Cattleman is a 2015 RT Best Series Intrigue nominee.

Review: #Holiday – Cambria Hebert

Review: #Holiday – Cambria Hebert#Holiday
Author: Cambria Hebert
Series: Hashtag #6.5
Published on: December 3rd 2015
Pages: 86
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Sports Romance
Hero: Roman “Romeo” Anderson
Heroine: Rimmel Hudson-Anderson


Givers gonna give…
Twas the night of game day,
And all through the town,
Lacey glittering snowflakes fluttered around.
They clung to the roads, concealing everything with white.
It was a beautiful #holiday sight.
The paparazzi were out without any care,
In hopes to catch Romeo and Rimmel, rumored to be there.
When out on the road there arose such a clatter.
The Hellcat spun out, but it shouldn’t matter.
I pulled out my cell to dial in a flash.
But the battery was dead. What useless trash.
The moonlight glistening on the new fallen snow
Made us forget we needed a tow.
For the season was upon us. Our family was alight.
Our #holiday was destined to be merry and bright.





Safety Level: Safe 

Cliffhanger: No 

Ending: HEA 

I don’t think that whatever took place in this novella was in any way significant to the series as a whole, or even if there’d be future books to look forward to. However, as a fan of the series, as someone who has loved and followed Ivy, Braeden, Rimmel, and Romeo, this novella is like a balm to a thirsty soul. It’s great to read about them again and hang out with them and the entire family. It’s only a bonus story, so while it will definitely entertain the series’ followers, I still feel that I haven’t gotten enough of the fantastic four.


To be honest, I really didn’t expect to love this series as much as I do. On paper, the first book promised only an ordinary story that’s been used many times. However, there is something about the way Ms. Hebert weaved the story and all the characters together that made me fall in love with these four protagonists. I can just see myself revisiting them every now and then.





Cambria Hebert is a latte sipping author of the Heven & Hell series, the Death Escorts series, and the Take It Off series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book.